Khaw Glong Thai Restaurant

Homestyle Boutique Thai Cusine

Boutique Homestyle Thai Restaurant.

There are a few important characteristics in our food that that we wish you to know.

Everything we will bring to your table is cooked freshly for you: we do not pre-cook anything and we do not use any pre-cooked ingredients. The vegetables used to cook your dish are cut in pieces at the moment of going into the pan.

For this reason you might have to wait a few minutes longer than what you might have experienced in other restaurants. So if you are in a hurry we might not be the best place for you.

We buy anything that can be bought daily and locally at the local fresh food market thus minimizing the use of frozen or processed food.

We can cook most of the dishes in the menu in a vegetarian manner; just let us know about your needs or allergies.

You can choose how spicy you want your food to be cooked, please let us know